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theclicks's Journal

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WELCOME to The_Click

There are NO auto accepts left - joining does not mean youre accepted, you must POST your application (updated 2.23.06)

Read Everything on this page so you dont say such silly things as:

  • Whats a promotion, and how do i do it.

  • How do i join???

  • Why cant i post in here?

  • You know its spelled clique right?

  • What is this community?

    This is a community based on creativity (its not an 'OMGZZZZ YOURE SO UGLY AND YOUR MUSIK SUXXXXX EW! IM REJECTING YOUU! community). talent. insight and much much more all depending on which "click" (clique) you apply to. constructive criticism will be given as well as encouragement to members.

    This is similiar highschool. you have preps. you have junkies you have goths you have punks you have nerds you have dancers you have geeks youve got jocks youve got hippies youve got beauty school drop outs youve got virgins that pretend theyre not youve got the chastity club youve got bookworms...and yes even the idiots. the list goes on. you choose to which "click" youd like to be in. and once youre accepted it becomes your family and team. If you feel none of the existing groups defines who you are, then place in the applications NEW CLICK and it shall be voted whether your idea should be accepted. There are competitions. challenges. and rivalry. but thats what its all about.

    its known that its clique, dont think youre the only one to know this. did you ever think that theclique or thecliques wasnt avaliable to be made/used??

    yes while you may think this is stereotyping, to some degree it is. however you are the one choosing how you want to be seen. we are not doing it for you, you are being grouped by your basic strength and characteristic that you think identifies you the most. Or you could even join a group you wish to be more like. These clicks are more are teams with a common ground.

    You are more talented and more unique than just the click title.

    This is not an elite community at all. no one here thinks that they are better than anyone else. we are grouping together to get to know one another. this community is purely for fun.

    title or descriptionRules:

    • Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. there is a difference between amusing rivalry and being an asshole

    • This is a COMMUNITY not a gathering of random people being runned by moderators. these are people becoming a close circle of friends.

    • For every critisism you offer you must include a compliment

    • Dont bring your drama. no one gives a crap

    • If you have ideas dont ever hesitate to offer them. thats how communities grow :)

    • Apply (post your completed application) within 1 day of joining.(meaning once your request to join has been approved)

    • Dont argue with any of the mods. if you dont like something that is going on you can suggest how to do it differently. do not post ranting entries no one cares about the drama youre trying to cause.

    • In the beginning all the clicks will have to be created. First to create a click will be the click's leader. This may cause you to want to create new clicks that no one has ever heard. But you want people to join your click. Being alone isnt fun

    • When you apply you must put "I got it - with the click you would like to be in/ create " and put the name of the click youd like to apply to. if you do not do it, your app will be deleted and you can do it alllll over again when you get it right the next time.

    • All entries must be Friends Only

    • Do not try and be sneaky by deleting part of the application. itll get you rejected.

    • You are not officially a member until you have your application posted, and are stamped by me_lucky_charms(meaning having an accepted banner posted on your application)

    • If you feel the desperate need to promote another community in this community, then i find it only fair that i require that you post a NON PROMO COMMUNITY promotion for us and post the link (so we know you did it) under your other promo.


    Help for those who are not familiar with communities such as this:

  • To join: click here ---> http://www.livejournal.com/community/join.bml?comm=theclicks

  • Wait until your membership request has been approved by a mod (you will get an email from livejournal once it has happened), because you will not have posting access if you try before hand.

  • When you are asked if you would like to have theclicks be added to your friends page. click YES.

  • Once you are approved - copy and paste the application (which is the box full of text below the lovely picture and the word "application" towards the bottom of this info page) into your normal updating journal page

  • Once you have done this, fill out the application, please be sure NOT to write your responses inbetween the html code(meaning write your response after the "</b> " for each question)

  • Make sure you read the rules at the top of this page so that you replace, "I didnt read the directions" with the proper phrase in the lj cut code.

  • For promotions (which is when you scroll to the bottom of this page and copy and paste the text (like you did for the application) under a "Promo" you like and paste the code either as a comment to someones journal, post an entry in your own journal, or post in another community you must put the links so that we can SEE what you have posted. Meaning, if you posted a banner, copy and paste the url after you have posted the promo, and paste it into the appropriate location in the application.

  • Under the text area of the entry of your updating page you shall see under the text are options, where it says "public" click and scroll and change it to "friends".

  • This is the most important step! In the same general location is another box, see where it says "Post in/to:" click where it displays your screen name, and change it to "theclicks."

  • The click "update" and you are finished (that wasnt so bad now was it...)

  • Once it has been posted, if you recieve a "no sway me" comment you have ONE reply to convince them that you do indeed deserve to be accepted.

  • You have 4 days for the application to be voted on

  • Mods:

    Principal: me_lucky_charms

    Vice Principals: fatsherm and purplepixie06

    Janitor: mistaken_life


    Thanks to:mistaken_life

    Thanks to:mistaken_life

    Activities for Accepted Members

  • Image Survey: (+ 25 pts)

  • Show us your room! (+ 5 each image)

  • All aspects and responsibilities that come along for the school paper


    cherienoir[265], lacasso32[180], mistaken_life[425]

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    egyptologist526[25], irishmuse




    Image hosting by Photobucketcut_my_parachut[40]

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Image hosting by Photobucketcellamao[10], spazzer118[240]

    title or description

    amu521[5], title or descriptiondelihigh426[15], fatsherm



    title or description

    glitterbee[15], gumbydaydreams[270]

    Image hosting by Photobucketglisngarum[80], Image hosting by Photobucketspider_eyes[10]

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Image hosting by Photobucketbeavis_the_wise[20], Image hosting by Photobucketjackie91, Image hosting by Photobuckettennisizluv[100]


    The Requirements

  • Once accepted you are to have the banner in your lj account user info page, and keep it there

  • Be active, and if you are a click leader you must inform all when you are going to be inactive for an extended amount of time

  • Participation in all contests and assignments

  • You must have a picture of yourself on display for the info page of this community

  • Must be creative and original

  • Must know (or willing to learn) how to use Paint or any other image program so that you can make community promos, Click Banners, and if you have a contest/assignment then you can easily whip something up without a worry

  • The Point System

  • For every promotion you do, outside of the ones required for the application you will get + 10 points, and + 5 points for every promotion community post. you must post the links in order to recieve credit

  • Every creative idea you input to the community + 15

  • All HELPFUL suggestions + 5

  • Surveys + 25

  • Any picture posts, now dont start posting in here like its your personal journal, but for themes, hilarity, or things to help your click + 5 for each individual image

  • The person with the most points earned at the end of the month shall be the click leader the following month

  • If you recall, in the application there was a question of "how did you hear of us?" If your screen name is marked there + 5.

  • After everypost by a mod, you are to comment with feedback. each comment on mod posts +5

  • Your points will be displayed after your screen name, in your click, in brackets, on the communitys info page.

  • Banners you make, either for your click or promos, or accept/reject banners + 15 each

  • Creativity shall be rewarded immensely, poetry, intellectual insight, artwork ect.. each bit and peice you post that YOU have written or made shall be + 20

  • Within your click, your creative input (poetry, artwark, photography ect...) whatever you click value shall be voted on BY the click on how many points it should recieve IN ADDITION to the 20. As click members, when you vote you are to give reason you like or dislike, the maximum point value you may offer is a 10. As click members you need to support eachother and nurture eachother.

  • Those with the MOST points of ALL clicks shall be allowed to be a mod for a month

  • If you were click leader, the following month, we shall give you an advantage since you had worked so hard the previous month, by - subtracting 100 points from the score click leader score (none will be added if the difference is negative) will be added, these points shall be your starting point for the next month.

  • Once you have missed a month of being click leader, the advantage vanishes. For example: Lets say you had been click leader for 8 months in a row, but then lost to some newbie...you would lose your advantage to the newbie....and the newbie would gain the advantage

  • If you have any questions regarding your point total, get in touch with purplepixie06, shell be in charge of all points

  • Rules for Voting

  • You must read the entire application

  • The 'subject' of your comment on the application must be your vote which can be one of the three: "Yes" "No" "No sway me" - this by no means, means that you cant write it in your own personal way. you could say "omg yesssss" if you like. but it must be clear what your vote is. if you put "no sway me" this means you are requesting the applicant to prove to you, and persuade you to vote yes. they will have one reply to your comment to attempt, and you must have a final vote in the reply to that comment that they posted in response to you - meaning there should never be more than 3 comments a thread per accepted user votes

  • The actual comment shall be your reasoning behind your decision. and remember for every criticism you give you must also give a compliment.

  • Say whatever you like. and if theyre applying to YOUR click, your vote counts double

  • Voting time is 4 days from day of its posting by the applicant.

  • The Application


    Thanks to:6timesattempted

    Thanks to:mistaken_life

    Thanks to:me_lucky_charms andpurplepixie06

    Thanks to:gumbydaydreams

    Thanks to:gumbydaydreams

    Thanks to:gumbydaydreams

    Thanks to:gumbydaydreams

    Thanks to:lacasso32

    Thanks to:glisngarum

    Thanks to:delihigh426

    Thanks to:delihigh426

    Thanks to:cherienoir

    Thanks to:brok3n_inside

    Thanks to:jackie91

    Our Brother Community:

    If you would like to become a brother community ask permission from me_lucky_charms